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It's happening.

We don’t have an accurate date of when Chasing Tides Collective started. Honestly, until recently, it was difficult articulating exactly what it even is.


Today, however, it is all happening. Photo diary, turned online journal, turned quarterly magazine, Chasing Tides Collective is your connection to living off the clock.

The Magazine, issue 1

Six months and a handful of catfights later, our inaugural issue is here. The end result is 76 pages of hardy 100lb text paper, chock-full of high-resolution photos and the best writing you can expect of three graduates from a small liberal arts school ranked in the bottom third of The Princeton Review’s Best 387 Colleges.


Uno’s main features regale the stories behind a true cast of characters. Including one surfboard shaping, community building, all around nice guy who followed Jesus from Buffalo to the slightly artificial sands of Virginia Beach.


If that doesn’t entice you, perhaps you’ll be interested in the Kayak Kid, a pragmatic polymath from Colorado who burns stuff for money. 


Your issue is ready and waiting, humbly, for delivery to your door. Who knows, there may even be some surprises in there for you.

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