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Candidly, The Chasing Tides Collective Magazine is an ill-advised endeavor. It is also a mouthful. Nevertheless, it is a publication born and forged from friendship and a unified neglect of both family and professional responsibility.


Our adoration for fishing, surfing, and the Mid-Atlantic’s coastal culture, compelled this collection of pixels and words. Additionally, an innate opposition to the proverbial “9-5 grind” played part in prompting this periodical. Adulthood has really cut into our play time.


So, The Chasing Tides Collective Magazine is an ode to the phrase, “live off the clock.” It is a self-published, coffee table-esque art book, put together by three friends with no professional experience (thank you internet). Comprising its pages are anecdotes about people, places, products, very random creative musings, and anything that strikes our fancy or grinds our gears. All of which are constructed to inform, entertain, and encourage readers to chase their passions, despite the daily grind.  


The Magazine is primarily subscriber supported, so thank you for investing time with us, and we really thank you if you’re considering actually spending money on this. Please know that our door is always open if you’d like to get involved or have a story to share. Give us a holler.



Robert Misiaszek Jr