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Issue 1 - Print

Issue 1 - Print



  • Coffee Table Book/Magazine
  • 8.5" x 11" Perfect Bound
  • Thick 100# Laminate Cover
  • 76 Pages

    Welcome to The Chasing Tides Collective Magazine, Issue 1. The first time for anything comes with a multitude of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, satisfaction, doubt, and relief all accurately represent our feelings with the launch of this magazine. 


    What you see in front of you is the product of a fateful path that has unconsciously been building over the last couple years. More importantly, it is the result of us battling ourselves, and family or work obligations to create something we are truly proud of. 


    This first issue serves as the foundation for the future. True to form, the contents are meant to not only inspire, entertain, and poke fun at the three of us, but to connect you with brands or products that can assist in your pursuits. 


    For the cover of this issue, we went with a photo of a planer taken at the Make and Ride Surf Exchange (MAR). This photo introduces our brand feature, a story about the community MAR is shaping through a DIY board building experience and thoughtfully crafted custom surfboards. It is also a really badass photo. The planer symbolizes the notion that, with the first issue, Chasing Tides Collective is building something as well.


    Each magazine will also feature a person, a 9-5er, who may completely embody what it means to excel in 9-5 life, but also diligently live off the clock. It could also be about a person who's been able to carve their own path by turning a passion into a business, whilst balancing life responsibilities, and finding time to pursue their avocations. 


    For this issue, we chose Scott Roberts. Who the hell is Scott Roberts? Buy the mag to find out. Just kidding, but seriously, buy the mag.  Scott is a modern day renaissance man. He’s following his passions for the ocean and art to build a creative business called Swell Luck Design. He teaches us about learning to build a passion based business, all while maintaining status as a good husband and father, and surfing as much as he can.


    The remaining pages of each magazine will consist of trip stories, savory victuals, gear spotlights, and any other sort of antics we come up with. In the first issue, follow along as Nick learns the appropriate balance of drinking and fishing while ice fishing with Uncle Ray in New Hampshire. Learn about the time Tim almost set his childhood home on fire learning to cook wings, and try his fire retardant Traeger wing recipe. We’ve also curated a list of gear we’ve bought in the past year that has undoubtedly contributed to making life easier and maximizing time off the clock.


    Thank you for being part of the journey with us. We hope that this magazine does nothing short of entertain and inspire you. If it does fall short, please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see moving forward.


Robert Misiaszek Jr

average rating is 5 out of 5


I am not a big reader, but this combination of LIFE AND TIME, a central RELAXING setting and the promise of MORE, was enough to tempt me.

My first experience of this MAGAZINE exceeded my expectations. That world-building in The CHASING TIDES COLLECTIVE is both vivid and detailed while at the same time epic in scale and scope, is perhaps not a huge surprise given THE author's status. But it was THE wonderful characterization and this story’s strong dramatic threads that captivated me from the very first chapter.

AlyssA S

average rating is 5 out of 5

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! great variety in articles and coverage of various locations. not a fisherwoman but makes me want to join y'all on fishing adventures. love the recipes and trying them at home. keep up the hard work and the fun!

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