We started Chasing Tides to collectively share our surfing and fishing adventures. More distinctly, we wanted to create a platform acknowledging the fact that conditions and scenarios don’t have to be perfect for an outing to be successful. We wanted to be open about our abilities and discuss the difficulty in finding time to do what you love while grinding out a 9-5. Quickly, we realized we weren’t alone; most people struggle to make time for their avocations. With that in mind, we centered our mission on encouraging others to chase their passions, despite the daily grind. 


The more we shared, the more we realized we enjoyed sharing. Storytelling became a new passion, and connecting people with information became a new goal. Humbled, and inspired by feedback from others, we built our website to promote the people, products, and brands that fuel our pursuits and inspire us to chase our passions. If we can provide information that helps just one person spend more time doing what they love, then in our book, we’re successful.

Meet the crew



Professionally, Tim is a Project Manager. Off the clock, he's a strike mission sherpa, and barometric pressure enthusiast. Often referred to as The Oracle, Tim is a skilled and experienced waterman. He never turns down an opportunity to get wet, and for that we thank him.



Ryan's a full-time Content Director for a fishing reel company. He loves to fly fish & spends most of his time at home behind a tying vice, Pacifico in hand, and his beloved chocolate lab Hank by his side. We also refer to Ryan as the Newt, Capt. Newt, or Newter. He's slimy yet satisfying.



Nick's 9-5 is in Account Management. He's a proud girl Dad and enjoys the casual fanny pack. He loves camera gadgets and screaming enthusiastically. Jack of All, Ace of None - Nick is really good at getting excited. If you need a hype man, he's your Huckleberry.


telling the stories behind the brands that help you chase your passions

Through this endeavor we’ve been fortunate to meet some truly amazing humans, and connect with some really awesome brands. We’ve learned that while gear is great, true brand loyalty is derived in part from authenticity; and meaningful relationships are built when people are just that, authentic. Traditional media marketing only paints a piece of the picture, but there is always more to uncover. We dig deeper. Every business and every product was once just an idea in someone’s head. Nurtured by time, passion, and a whole lot of grit, those ideas turn into something much more - and the process behind that transformation is the story we’re after.

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