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Issue 2 - Print

Issue 2 - Print



  • Coffee Table Book/Magazine
  • 8.5" x 11" Perfect Bound
  • Thick 100# Laminate Cover
  • 128 Pages
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    Hey! Thanks for finding your way back. If you’re new here, welcome! How the heck are ya? 


    Here it is, Issue 2 of The Chasing Tides Collective Magazine.  


    Despite our best efforts, our sophomore production is complete. The road to completion was full of adversity and moments of jubilation; Tim got pantsed by corporate overlords, he and Ryan battled the freelance grind to feed themselves, and Nick celebrated the birth of a baby. Between life and limited attempts to live off the clock, we somehow managed to write, photograph, collaborate with advertisers, and design a magazine that we think is better than the first. 


    Issue 2 is longer, has more eye candy, and is the ultimate testament to that fact that we, just simply, aren’t very interesting. Lucky for you, we know a few people that can help keep things rousing. 


    This issue includes tales of our travels and aquatic pursuits. We are forever grateful for the hospitality shown and the memories made. Adventure is stimulating. Oddly enough, one of our favorite photos from the past year, chosen for the cover of this issue, was captured close to home in Virginia. It reinforces why we started Chasing Tides in the first place. It’s important to travel and immerse yourself in new places and experiences, but don’t overlook what’s in your backyard. 


    If you’re new, each magazine features a person, a 9’5er who embraces the daily grind, but also lives diligently off the clock.  


    Insert Cory Routh, an “all-in” type of guy who loves being on the water so much he built his career on it; a career that enhances his time off the clock. There aren’t any shorelines in our neck of the woods he hasn’t seen. Cory is a husband, father, craftsman, and lifelong outdoorsman. Not to mention, he has an emerging side hustle called Ruthless Handmade that marries his love of leatherworking and fishing. 


    Our featured brand is Opolis Optics. Founder, James Merrill, like most of us has beef with plastic pollution. He founded Opolis to combat plastic pollution and empower the communities adversely affected. Ever heard of rPET? If not, this article will learn you right. James has taught us, and the industry, a lot. He's changing the way we look at manufacturing and consumerism.


    The remaining pages contain stories of our travels, food, booze, an elegantly written rabbit hole, and several other musings. We drove 25 hours to get skunked in Texas, drank tequila in the woods, turned a poor Delaware forecast into “Operation Crab People,” explored the history of hot sauce, and heard directly from a red drum. 


    Thank you for the support and encouragement to press on. We hope this magazine entertains and inspires you. If it doesn’t, please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see moving forward.



Robert Misiaszek Jr

average rating is 5 out of 5


I am not a big reader, but this combination of LIFE AND TIME, a central RELAXING setting and the promise of MORE, was enough to tempt me.

My first experience of this MAGAZINE exceeded my expectations. That world-building in The CHASING TIDES COLLECTIVE is both vivid and detailed while at the same time epic in scale and scope, is perhaps not a huge surprise given THE author's status. But it was THE wonderful characterization and this story’s strong dramatic threads that captivated me from the very first chapter.

AlyssA S

average rating is 5 out of 5

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! great variety in articles and coverage of various locations. not a fisherwoman but makes me want to join y'all on fishing adventures. love the recipes and trying them at home. keep up the hard work and the fun!

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