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Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

A podcast that scratches multiple itches.

A podcast studio set up in the water.

MAR 7, 2024 | BY TIM HOMA


Podcasts have changed the way we tell stories, relay information, consume content, and maintain the appearance of a productive team member steadily “chipping away,” “circling back,” and “crushing” monthly quotas. Like most people, I'm a big fan. 

Don’t worry; I’m not going to take a page out of my old man’s book and explain to you what a podcast is as if they haven't been around for a while, just like he’s been doing with Instagram over the last few weeks, there's a point. Love you Big Mike. 

When it comes to escaping the grind and maintaining forward momentum with my pursuits, one of my favorite podcasts is the Captains Collective Fishing Podcast with Hunter Leavine.


On the surface, Captains Collective is an interview-style podcast with captains and notable names in the fishing industry. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and Hunter deploys episodes every two weeks. 

Hunter is a master in the craft of interviewing, and each episode has a way of transporting you from your current location to the bow of a boat. While each show offers a wealth of knowledge in the form of technical fishing content, some of my favorite moments on Captains Collective have nothing to do with fishing. 

Naturally, my curiosity gravitates towards what makes a person tick or the journey behind how they’ve reached their current form, especially in a passion-based profession. Hunter has a way of shepherding his guests into divulging stories that resonate with anyone, regardless of whether you like fishing. From taking leaps of faith to overcoming adversity, lessons in balancing family and work, and appreciating the learning process, you’re sure to find a relatable tidbit in each episode.  

While Hunter has some big-name guests on the show, a true testament to him and the subject matter is I don’t care who the guest is; every episode is worth a listen. 

That being said, two of my favorite guests are Owen Gayler and Trey Mikell. Owen is a former cowboy turned fly fishing guide in Port Aransas, Texas. Trey is a 9th-generation Floridian whose life was transformed after seeing sight casting for the first time on television.


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