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Small Wave Andrew: Surf Photography

Make sure to mind surf real good.

A surfer nose riding on a longboard.

FEB 15, 2024 | BY TIM HOMA


Let’s face it, being a professional in something other than your favorite hobby is how things typically shake out. Even if I figured out a passive income stream that rendered working for the man or lady obsolete, I’d probably still find a way not to surf or fish as much as I want. Such is life. 

However, I am a professional in seeking content that helps keep the stoke meter high and the fire constantly burning. Social media makes it easier than ever to curate a feed of pleasantries that make ya amped, jealous, and hungry all in a matter of seconds.

When consuming surf photography, I constantly search for something relatable and local to the Mid-Atlantic. Following Andrew Tonra, aka Small Wave Andrew, for the last couple of years has been a frothy godsend.


It doesn't take long to hit the "Follow" button after you stumble on Andrew's Instagram page. His images have a unique way of transporting you to the scene captured. You can feel the day's emotion in each photo, and it doesn't matter if it is firing or a fun wintertime log session; his photos make you want to surf. Most importantly, if you can't surf, they give professional mind surfers like myself a canvas to paint. He has a knack for capturing surf culture for what it is meant to be: communal and stoked. 

Outside of surfing, you'll find awesome portraits of people, places, and birds. A self-proclaimed amateur ornithologist, Andrew is sure to teach you a thing or two about bird life in the Mid-Atlantic. 

Andrew is a full-time freelance photographer with a ton of photography and videography experience. Be sure to check out his website if you have a project or event coming up that you want captured.  


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