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Booze: Special Beers

Beer is good. Really good. Do you know how you can make it better? Make it special. This article explains how. I'm slightly salivating as I type this...

By what can only be attributed to providence (and perhaps the Instagram algorithm), we were recently enlightened by the fine gentlemen over at Taco Fly Co. to the divine concoction that they have so elegantly coined, Special Beers.

The Special Beer is a serendipitous spin on what you may have heard referred to as a "dressed" beer. A dressed beer is typically served with some combination of lime juice, and salt or seasoning on the top and rim of the can or glass. Delicious.

However, the secret to the Special Beer lies first in its construction, and second in its consumption. There is a method too, nay, a science, to building and bellying a Special Beer. Mexican or cerveza style beers are a necessity for the Special Beer, and we highly recommend Pacifico. We really, really like Pacifico.

First, and this is the most important step. You need to slightly crack the can open, and when I say slightly, I mean ever so.

Second, fill the top of the can with lime juice. If you've cracked the can open too much, the lime juice will leak too quickly into the beer. What you're aiming for is a very slow drip.

Third, shake seasoning (we recommend a chili lime seasoning, for this outing we used Don Chelada's Chili Lime beer salt) onto the rim and top of the can.

Apply generously if you really want some tang. A pinch of salt helps bring the flavors together as well.

Last, dab a few drops of hot sauce right over the pop tab. When you crack the beer, you want everything on top to drop into the beer together. The first sip is always the best so take a very nice, very long pull and allow those flavors to work their magic together.

That friends, is all there is to it. The Special Beer is a simple addition to your "barsenal," and pairs well with good weather and good friends. Cheers!

Special Beer Ingredients



Lime or lime juice

Chili Lime seasoning (Tajin, michelada beer salts, etc.)

Hot Sauce (we recommend a verde sauce, we use Hoff & Pepper - Mean Green)




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