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There's a Shrimp in My Beer: A special Beer Redux

If you’ve had enough, please forgive our redundancy. Our intent is not merely for a reprise, however we do acknowledge our efforts may appear superfluous. We just love, so very much, the Special Beer.

Special Beers on a cooler

Words by: Nick Northern

To that vein, we decided to expand on the recipe we provided some months ago, and divulge the myriad of ways we enjoy these savory victuals. Additionally, we want to articulate some of the more impactful characteristics of the Special Beer, and heighten awareness for a concoction that goes beyond boundaries.

It became clear to us that the best description of the Special Beer comes straight from the source. For us, that source is Taco Fly Co. We are forever grateful to Taco Fly Co. for enlightening us to that which changed our relationship with beer.

We always knew Special Beers were, well, special. So, we reached out to Mario from TFC, who was kind enough to share his insight with us. Mario put it simply, “They taste like tacos in a can.” Bingo. Yes, indeed they do. But there’s more to the story, we learned. Now we get it. Special Beers are more than just a flavorful punch in the kisser, they’re culture and coterie.

Mario told us,

“Special beers are rad because they give people a flavor of the culture and flavor of Mexico we all enjoy. Mexicanos are super embedded in our culture, and we want to be sure fly fishing gets a flavor of the spices and salties we bring to the game.”

Chasing Tides became a part of the Taco Fly Co. community because we were intrigued by Special Beers. Many others have followed that path. According to Mario, Special Beers have grown the TFC community by “...introducing Mexican culture and flavor to the pastel palette of fly fishing. People appreciate that and it feels good that people support brown folks fishing (@brownfolksfishing).”

It makes perfect sense. Decorating a special beer for your friend is fun, and seeing a buddy or family member experience the taste for the first time is priceless.

Below is a list of Special Beer variations. Of course, we had to know what Mario’s favorite recipe was, and now knowing - I must consume one.

Special Beers should always be done with a Mexican style cerveza. Below is just a list of ingredients, but there’s a method behind constructing the Special Beer, click here to learn how.

Mario’s Go-To:

-Pacifico beer

-Organic lime

-Kosher sal

-Tapatio hot sauce

-Tajin seasoning

-Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce

-Piece of aguachile shrimp

Chasing Tides Go-To:

-Lime juice

-Tajin seasoning


-Verde hot sauce

The Dry Rub:

-Tajin seasoning


-Verde hot sauce

The Pepinillo

-Lime juice

-Tajin seasoning

-Verde hot sauce

-Spicy pickle garnish

The Dulce

-Lime juice

-Tajin seasoning

-Verde hot sauce


-Mango garnish

The Heater

-Lime juice

-Tajin spice

-Habanero hot sauce

-Jalapeno garnish




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