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Turtlebox Outdoor speaker

A speaker actually built for outdoor stuff.

A white outdoor speaker on the deck of a boat next to a box of fishing lures.

MAR 21, 2024 | BY TIM HOMA


I'm a fan of doing stuff outside. I've always been that way. Ever since the days of doing backyard stunts on my Batman-themed Huffy, I thought to myself, "It'd be cool to do this stuff while listening to music." That desire never left. Whether it's fishing, cruising on a boat, sitting on the beach, a weekend of debauchery, or tailgating, doing stuff outside is always better with music. 

Over the years, I've tried most, if not all, of the options. From the days of the Walkman to the iPod and several iterations of Bluetooth speakers claiming to be suitable for the outdoors, the outdoor portable speaker market had a serious void. 

Leave it up to our brethren from Texas to tackle the task and create the Turtlebox, a portable speaker specifically for the outdoors. It is waterproof, portable, and impact resistant. Heck, they even set one on fire.


If you’ve never heard of Turtlebox, I’m glad to introduce you. The Turtlebox crew is as authentic as they come. Bonded by their love for the outdoors, cold beer, and loud music, they live by the motto “Live Free.” Their Instagram has plenty of supporting evidence.

To dive into the weeds of what makes Turtlebox different, check out the review Nick did on their Gen 1 speaker from a few years ago. To learn about the improvements made on the Gen 2, check out this breakdown

Let me address the obvious. There are cheaper speakers on the market, but you get what you pay for. If you truly want a loud, take-anywhere, do-anything speaker, the Turtlebox will not disappoint. 

Two fisherman having a conversation on a boat with a white outdoor speaker.

A true skeptic, when we bought our first Turtlebox, I thought we were wasting our money. After several drops off a truck tailgate, beer spilled on it, and covering it with saltwater, I began to be a believer. Not to mention, the battery life is incredible, and it is really freaking loud. 

The Turtlebox's true genius has come on boat rides. At full throttle, wind blowing, and engine humming, the Turtlebox still performs beautifully so you don’t miss a beat. Get it?  

My “sold” moment came on a summer fishing trip with Nick and Ryan when we were caught by Mother Nature. The weather does funny things at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, and sometimes you’re in for it. 

We motored into what looked like the final scene of Game of Thrones when the Night King sent the blizzard, except, rain. Lots of rain. A few minutes into getting pelted by rain, whipped by the wind, all three of us beyond soaked, I noticed the unmistakable sound of “Put It On” by Big L. The Turtlebox sat soaked against the stern with water up to the speaker, still blasting music. From then on, the Turtlebox has played a key role in our outdoor adventures. 


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