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Polarized Fishing Sunglasses That Change The Game

A fisherman casting a fishing rod while wearing polarized fishing sunglasses.

MAR 7, 2024 | BY TIM HOMA

The Juice:

Purpose Built Optics hails from South Texas. They are lifelong outdoorsmen who wanted more from their polarized fishing sunglasses to maximize their time off the clock. The result is a company that specifically engineers sight characteristics based on environment and pursuit: freshwater, inshore/flats, offshore, LightPro, and hunting/shooting. To learn the science behind PBO, check out the Speckled Truth podcast, where owners, Rob & Bill, explain the wizardry behind PBO's lenses. 

The Squeeze:

Over the years, I've tried several industry-leading polarized fishing sunglasses with regular and glass lenses. No complaints, but I didn't know what I was missing. The first time I put on an HB Series pair of PBO shades, something was different. I noticed a clearer, more defined picture, plus after a few hours, I forgot I had them on, which is always a good sign. 

I've worn the IF Bronze lenses in Deep Eddy frames and Slick lenses in Storm frames, predominantly on inshore flats, for the last two years. They are game changers. The frames wrap your face nicely, blocking outside light, and are super light, making them easy to wear all day. 

They are perfect for what I like to call "Mid-Atlantic Sight Fishing." Very rarely do we get opportunities to truly sight fish striped bass, red drum, or speckled trout on the flats here, so sight fishing, to me, is casting to visible features with a high probability of holding fish. The PBO technology not only increases the definition of what I'm casting at but also opens up another world of secondary grass and oyster edges, subtle ledges, or potholes I wouldn't normally see. They also do wonders spotting cobia in the Chesapeake Bay. 

Follow them on Instagram @hookandbulletlife, and feel free to ask them any questions about the products. Speaking of, they offer a lifetime guarantee on their sunglasses.


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