Chasing Tides Collective

We at Chasing Tides are in constant search of the next wave, next hook set, next journey, and next story to tell. It’s our adamant belief that occupational constraints should not prevent the pursuit of your passions. When we started this venture, our goal was simple: share our adventures with other people in hopes of inspiring them to chase their own. We’re humbled and appreciative of the support we’ve received the past couple of years.

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented us with new challenges to overcome, but it's also provided ample time for us to reflect on our mission. As a result, we’ve realized that we want to do more. Our overall mission remains the same, but we’ve improved our website to expand that vision and better facilitate what we hope to achieve with Chasing Tides.

Our 9-5's limit us all from pursuing the things we are passionate about. For that reason, too many people lose touch with activities they genuinely love doing. We hope to remind and empower people not to lose those connections. Chasing Tides is a call to action - a metaphor for pursuing your passions. Our website is the fulcrum for that idea. It's a platform designed to connect like-minded individuals and encourage you to #chaseyourtide; whatever that may be. We feature and discuss people, brands, companies and events that share a similar message.

Our website forum is designed to connect and build a community. It is constantly evolving, and we encourage visitor interaction. We host discussions about brands, artists, anglers, businesses and more. Our goal is to provide a platform where 9-5er's can come to share stories, knowledge, and information with each other. Hence we arrive at the abbreviation Co. In our case, Co. is short for Collective. Chasing Tides has always been a collaborative effort. We learn from, and are influenced by so many talented individuals and organizations. We are inspired by others, and we hope to create a platform where people can come together, learn from one another, and share a common goal.

If you'd like to be a part of Chasing Tides, the simplest way is to connect with us via social media. Use the hashtag #chaseyourtide to help spread the message and share the stoke. For us, we love fishing and surfing, but that’s not all Chasing Tides is about. We want to see you doing whatever it is you are passionate about.

You can also sign up and become a member on our website. This will allow you to engage in conversations on our forum and blog posts, and keep you up to date on the latest CT news and information. Feel free to direct message, or email us as well.

We’re working hard to produce meaningful content to connect you with the people, places, and information that will help you spend more time doing what you love. That’s our goal, plain and simple - help you do what you love. Browse our website, read our blog and forum posts, and learn more about how you can #chaseyourtide. We'll see you out there.

Ryan, Tim, Nick

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