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Chasing Tides

9-5ers. Tidal driven, outdoor enthusiasts. This is who we are and how we started.


Chasing Tides is the brainchild of three friends staying true to our passions; when we have the time! To us, perfection is found in piscatorial pursuit, or dropping in on a head high wave. In other words, if we could surf and fish all day, we would. Unfortunately, like you, we have to work for a living. Any free time we do have, no matter how much or how little, we make sure we use it to do what we love.

Like many people experience, entering the real world after college presents a host of challenges. Primarily, #adulting. The lifestyle of a flailing young professional didn’t present us with the leisure time we idealized we’d always have. Finding time to pursue our hobbies was tough. Eventually, the realization was that we had to create time. Flexibility and spontaneity became concepts to live by. Dawn patrols before work, dusk sessions after work, and weekend strike missions became a way to scratch the itch.

Being good Millennials armed with iPhones, a natural progression for us while spending time outdoors was documenting what we encountered. Whether it was an epic sunrise or a lineup shot of the waves, we captured moments to look back on. For us that was a way to keep the stoke alive for just that much longer. Our social media accounts evolved into a montage of these excursions. Eventually, iPhones were replaced by cheap DSLR cameras and pawn shop GoPros. Our aspirations to progress as photographers became a new motivation, and gave us something else to chase. It soon reached an equal plane with the desire to become less of kooks surfing and to actually catch fish. So we challenged ourselves, and pushed each other. Most importantly, we found more reasons to go.

As we began posting more content, we found ourselves falling into the social media trap; perception versus reality. Even after an epic day on the water we’d scroll through our feeds and immediately go from being stoked to feeling let down. Social media has a way of forcing you to compare your experiences with the rest of the world. But the reality is...who cares? Your life doesn’t have to be perfect. The waves don’t have to be pumping, and the fish don’t have to bite for a trip to be awesome. If you’re able to find time to do what you love, well, that’s good enough.

This idea is the foundation for Chasing Tides. Our mission is to inspire you to go, to do, to pursue your passions - despite the obstacles. No matter what it is you love to do, we hope the content and humility of our brand keeps you chasing. #CHASEYOURTIDE


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