Brand Spotlight: Blue Quill Media

We're inspired by the movers and shakers out there, the type of people that work full time but still create the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth hours of the day to moonlight two other jobs. Blue Quill Media is run by those dudes. These three friends from PA understand the 9-5 grind, but still find time to produce awesome content encouraging others to get out and chase their passions. We're totally on board with that. Enjoy our latest Brand Spotlight featuring Blue Quill Media.

Tell us a little bit about yourself/selves and Blue Quill Media?

Blue Quill Media is made up of three members, Grant Michaels, Trey Piper, and Josh Fickes. We are three passionate trout fishermen here in PA and are always seeking the next piece of water to hit. Blue Quill was created to showcase our passion on a plate form and to produce media that anglers and outdoorsman would enjoy.

Grant has a background on the media front as he is a blogger for Flylords, and co-runs a photography/ videography business with his wife, Holly. Holly is also involved with Blue Quill creating photo shoots for products and promotional posts.

Trey has had a passion for creating engaging content ever since he picked up a fly rod and is a cousin of Grant’s. Josh is a close friend and an outstanding angler who loves the outdoors and finding the next gem of a stream. Blue Quill was established in 2020.

What led you to start Blue Quill, and what’s the mission behind the brand?

The company was a brain child of Grant’s, and was pitched to Trey and that’s where it started.

We have always had a dream of owning a company that was supported by our passion, and that’s where Blue Quill was born.

Our goal and mission is to document our journeys and push the sports of hunting and fishing to inspire those seeking to take part in these great recreational activities.

What motivates you to keep chasing your mission?

Our motivation is driven by our passion to get people involved in the outdoors. Our planet and wildlife have so much to offer us and we seek to showcase that daily with our media content and engagement with our audience.

How does your work benefit the average 9-5er and weekend warrior who has limited time to get out on the water?

Our work benefits the average 9-5er and weekend warrior because it shows that anyone can do what we do. We are just a bunch of average fishermen who love to showcase the beauty of God’s creation. We challenge anyone to pick up a rod or a bow and seek adventure in the mountains and valleys of this great country.

What advice can you give to others who are trying to spend more time chasing their passions?

Our advice….Do it! Chase your passions with 100% effort and the joy and happiness will follow. There is nothing better than waking up every morning doing what you love. Don’t hold back, jump in with both feet and go for it!

What’s on the horizon for Blue Quill? Any big plans looking ahead?

We are hoping to connect with more fishermen and collaborate with companies in the photo/video department more often in 2021. Ultimately we want to travel and venture out to new areas catching species we have never caught before.

How can people connect with you and stay in contact?

Follow us on IG: @bluequillmedia

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