brand spotlight: amabile co.

We've learned a lot building Chasing Tides, and met people along the way that have enlightened us to some pretty amazing things. The couple behind Amabile Co. are two of those people. For starters, take a look at the company's vision, "The waters we share with the world will be safe and clean for all life; present and forevermore." We hope you enjoy this feature, it's an important one.

What does sustainability mean to you? Don’t worry, that’s not a loaded question - but it is one that deserves some intentional thought. So, really, what does it mean to you?

Methinks sustainability is a word that means different things to different people. To us, it denotes caring for the environments we spend our time in enough to mitigate our impact on them. As humans, we’re all victims of over consumption in one way or another. It’s virtually impossible to live in modern day society and not deplete the resources around you in some way, shape or form.

Here are a few common things you might do daily that cause harm to the environment.

  • Wash your clothes in hot water. Fun fact, 90% of the energy consumed in washing your clothes with hot water is used solely to heat the water.

  • Use microbead infused cosmetics. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good face scrub, but these tiny plastic beads don’t actually dissolve in water, so you can imagine where they end up once they go down the drain.

  • Overcharge devices. Full disclosure, I’m a serial over charger - I promise I’ll be better. Leaving electronic devices plugged in for longer than they need to charge causes unnecessary strain on power grids, and smartphone charging is trending towards massive generations of carbon dioxide.

Long story short, we can all be a little better. Recently, we were fortunate to meet some truly inspiring folks that are taking sustainability into their own hands. A couple months ago we met Adrian and Katie Amabile, co-founders of Amabile Co..

Adrian and Katie started Amabile Co. in 2020, and after speaking with them, we were immediately drawn to helping spread the word about their business. Their story is compelling to us for two main reasons. First, is their mission:

“Amabile Designs provides beautiful sustainable products that create awareness, funds, and connections for local people to organizations focused on cleaning the waters they call home.”

Second, is the fact that they’ve gone all in to build their business full time, right out of their own home.

Katie and Adrian repurpose recycled silver, glass, and rescued nylon fishing nets to craft a line of artisanal bracelets, all made by hand in their home studio.

Additionally, a portion of every purchase goes to one of Amabile’s 19 partner organizations. These organizations are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our nation’s waterways. The coolest part of their business structure is you, the customer, get to choose which organization to support upon purchasing a bracelet.

Curious about how the Amabile’s got started, we asked if there was a specific occurrence that compelled them to start the company.

“Each year we take a family trip to OBX with my [Adrian’s] parents; the timing of that year’s trip was not ideal, it was just days after hurricane Florence hit the coast. When we got there, we expected to see debris scattered from the hurricane but had never seen anything like what we actually saw,” said Adrian.

“Down the beach was a row of plastic bottle caps about three feet wide and as far as you could see. We’re not really sure where they came from, but for the first time ever, the coastline broke our hearts. It wasn’t the first time we had seen litter in the water, but this scene just hit our hearts hard,” he explained.

"For the first time ever, the coastline broke our hearts."

For two people that grew up with such close relationships to the water, that was a heavy sight to come across. Adrian lived and experienced the best our waterways have to offer growing up on the Carolina coast, in the Blue Ridge mountains, and many places in between. Katie grew up spending countless hours at her family’s lake house on Lake Wateree, South Carolina.

“With memories like that, which are all built around the water, the waters themselves start to draw up emotion. It’s like a happy memory tied to a certain smell or sound, the water just brings that to both of us, and as we share all of this with our children, we can see it in their eyes too,” Adrian recalled.