Along the Keel is your source for the stories behind top coastal brands. Built on the water by outdoor enthusiasts, they were created out of a need for a better product. We dive into the why behind the brand helping you make a better choice when building your outdoor lifestyle. 



When not in the studio recording his next episode, Zach is a full-time captain based out of Rhode Island doing fast response and towing in salvage. On his days off, you’ll find him on the water or training with his team at Providence Barbell Club. Living on the east and west coasts, and Hawaii, Zach developed an intense passion for all things ocean. Follow him on Instagram @captain_zachariah_rollins


telling the stories behind the brands being built outside

#63 amabile co.

In this week's episode, Zach sits down with Adrian and Katie, the folks behind Amabile Co. After an annual vacation to the Outer Banks and seeing the impact of Hurricane Florence the husband and wife team decided to take a stand and help do their part to give back to the ocean. Creating a bracelet that is much more than a fashion statement...

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